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The best polo shirts — 14 tested

Polo shirts are possibly the most ubiquitous clothing item of the 21st century, undergoing a long journey from aspirational 1930s sportswear to becoming the default smart-casual option for millions of men. We’ve researched and tested 14 of the best polo shirts and think that the best polo is the Sunspel Riviera with its great fit, unique fabric and strong range of over twenty colours. If you’re looking for an elevated take on the polo then the John Smedley Adrian Polo is incredibly soft and will smarten up your wardrobe. Finally, if you’re on a budget the H&M Cotton Polo Shirt is a good quality take on the classic item at an affordable price point.
The original garment as we know it was based on a design worn by French tennis star René Lacoste aka ​“the Crocodile” in the 1930s as a practical, flexible, comfortable sports shirt. Unfortunately, from the 1980s onwards, creeping ​“casual Friday” dress codes made the polo shirt with badly fitting chinos an American business-standard. Later, it was the uniform of golfers and delivery drivers, security guards, and coffee chain staff not to mention the sometime uniform of the American far-right, in almost a parody of conformity.
What saves the polo shirt from fashion irrelevance is its potential for reinvention. Its been reclaimed by subcultures ranging from punks to skinheads and mods. As the tie disappears and the suit becomes increasingly relaxed, the polo shirt has become a place to experiment with shirting alternatives and continues its long tradition of reinvention, molding itself to the zeitgeist. For our review we tried to cover this range, from semi-activewear to knit-fabric classics to find the best polo shirt overall, looking as always at specialists who’ve produced these styles year after year in an attempt to find an ideal.

Best overall

Sunspel Riviera Polo
With a smart fit, retro-inspired basket weave fabric, and a huge range of tasteful colours, the Riviera is on its way to becoming a contemporary classic.
The Riveria was introduced by Sunspel in 2006 after a design by Linda Hemmings for the James Bond film Casino Royale. The Riviera became something of an instant classic for a brand which up until then had been known largely for its undergarments. The references here (as the name suggests) are much more Talented Mr.Ripley than contemporary sportswear but it doesn’t feel like a period piece either. There has been some clever thought put into taking the best of that golden era and updating it.
The fabric has a looser, wider weave than most piqué polos, and a nice spongy texture with none of the coarseness that some piqué can have. After researching I found that the brand created the fabric with a vintage lace making machine in Sunspel’s HQ in Nottingham, and none of the competition I tried have a similar quality.
The fit is trim but not overly slim. The sleeves fall flatteringly halfway down the bicep, the length is standard and it has the classic split tail. The sleeves didn’t pull up into my armpits and I still had movement through the body. The collar is a fairly small point collar that sits well when buttoned up but also folds down easily into a camp collar shape when undone which allowed it to be worn cleanly both ways. The buttons are a discreet tonal plastic and the placket is a simple 2‑button design. I’m a fan of the pocket design though in a practical sense it’s not good for much and makes the shirt much more of a casual style.
Colours are another area where Sunspel gets it just right. They always have a strong seasonal palette which this year covers 20 options including a deep chocolate brown (seen above) an intense Yves Klein blue and a great brick red. Compared to their competitor’s depressingly basic ranges of pastels and neons, this quiet tastefulness is refreshing and it means that season to season it will be easy to update your wardrobe with some new additions.
Through washing and wearing over a number of weeks, I noticed no noticeable shrinkage or discolouring and the fabric kept its softness (which wasn’t always the case, especially if a garment has been chemically softened). I also kept an eye out for loose threads and buttons but found no faults.
Which brings us to the final question of value. Polo shirts are an interesting category in this sense as they are so tied up to a certain idea of aspirational dressing — and priced accordingly. Our testing found that the general quality and feel of a £10 polo from H&M didn’t massively improve when compared to its £80 Lacoste equivalent. But that’s to ignore the fact that you are paying for what that £80 polo says about you, what it represents in our culture, and the semiotics of that logo — a francophile or a football causal, a preppy or a punk. That said, if you’re like me and the branded polos aren’t your niche but you want something that feels premium, then, for the cost, you will have a beautifully fabricated, European-made polo shirt of notably better quality than its competitors in the same price bracket and that’s enough for us to award it the top spot.


The downsides for the Riviera really come down to preference. I could imagine if you want a more classic fitting polo you may find it too slim or if you want one without a pocket that could turn you off. But as for the construction of the shirt itself or its fabric I couldn’t find any faults. Even the plastic buttons which might in other brands seem like a cost-saving measure feels more like a thoughtful design choice. It’s also more sportswear-adjacent than actual sportswear, but that feels like a quibble and true of any of the major polo brands at this point.

Also good

John Smedley Adrian Polo
Made from incredibly soft sea island cotton, this knitted polo is perfect if you want a softer, more formal style of polo.
The Adrian Polo from John Smedley comes a close second to the Sunspel Riviera. The main attraction is the sea island cotton fabric which is incredibly soft with the best hand feel of any polo I reviewed. The placket length and knitted collar means it feels much more like the elegant mid-century polo shirt than something that would be mistaken for a 21st-century corporate uniform, albeit with some nice updates that make it feel more contemporary than other knitted polos.
Smedley is to fine knitwear what Burberry is to trench coats, or John Lobb is to shoes and considered to be the best in the world in the category (it’s where the Queen gets her knitwear). The Adrian genuinely felt like a luxury. Everything from the feel of the fabric to the way it fitted just right with substantial ribbing on the waist and sleeves (near the bottom of the bicep) with just the right amount of tension spoke to the care and attention that had gone into making it. It’s also versatile, working just as well under the lapels of my suit when I got married a few weeks ago as it did in our 35 degree London heatwave when worn with a pair of shorts although, it is a bit too formal to work with tracksuit bottoms. Out of all the styles I reviewed it felt much more like a smart option.
What the Adrian definitely isn’t on the other hand is a piece of grab-and-go sportswear that can be washed and thrown on like a t‑shirt or folded up at the bottom of your bag for destination holiday. I found myself hand-washing the delicate fabric to avoid rips and the collar, though it stands well, needs shaping with an iron after washing. Like a lot of luxury items, it’s delicate and requires a bit more care and attention than most and at £145 it’s not quite affordable enough to be a staple. That’s not saying it’s bad value necessarily, you can see the care and attention that was put into it and it’s UK manufactured but it’s probably not what most people are looking for when it comes to an everyday polo shirt, and those not quite the all-rounder that could hold the top spot. If you’re more likely to wear smart trousers than jeans and prefer a knit jumper to a hoodie then this is the polo for you.

Budget pick

H&M Cotton Polo Shirt
A great price paired with good fabrication and quality, the H&M polo offers the best value for money with their straightforward take on the classic polo shirt.
If you’re unconcerned with logos and just want a classic polo shirt as a wardrobe staple you could do a lot worse than the H&M Cotton Polo Shirt. The piqué is soft and drapes well, the fit is classic, and straight (though as is often the case with H&M group, a bit long for me). In a blind test, I’m not sure I could tell the difference easily between this polo and the Lacoste L.12 which it’s clearly based it’s detailing on. And at £9.99 it’s extremely good value. Ethical clothing site Good on You’s review gives the brand an ​“It’s a start” rating for it’s environmental and ethical credentials noting that it’s environmental record is consistently improving while some issues with it’s supply chain labor remain.

What to look for

Range of colours: More than most sportswear, polo shirts are about colour, and we wanted our staple pick to have a good range of quality seasonal colours.
Flexibility: We wanted a Polo that looked good with a range of clothing from the formal to the ultra-casual (a pair of shorts or sweats)
Fabric: Has to work well in the heat, for most people a polo is a summer item and anything too heavy or coarse wasn’t going to cut it for us, we tried a range of synthetics and cottons of different qualities.
Fit: Piqué and knitted cotton are unforgiving fabrics so having a good fit is key to making a polo shirt work.
Collar: Does it stand up well, does it look okay when unbuttoned? is it easy to fold down or does it look sloppy.
Length: Long enough to wear tucked in but not long enough to look sloppy on its own.
Sleeves: We wanted the sleeve length to flatter the bicep but not ride up too high into the armpits, we also wanted easy movement as you’d expect from sportswear.
Easy Care: The best polos, like all good sportswear, should be easy to wash and care for.
Aesthetics: We wanted a polo that was more than a billboard for logo’s or an anonymous boxy t‑shirt alternative, the best would have a strong aesthetic quality.

The competition

The Fred Perry M12 & M3's are the most solidly constructed of all the branded polos I tried, and I was particularly keen on the thick ribbing on the sleeves and collar and the wide, reinforced placket. The collar had a slightly wider spread than most and which I found more flattering. The fit is trimmer than Lacoste and the hem is square so overall it has a neater, less sporty look. It's also nice that it's been continuously made in the UK since its introduction in the 1950s. The M12's aesthetic with its twin tips on the collar and sleeves have deep roots in the mod, Britpop, punk and skinhead subcultures in the UK and it can be a bit overpowering if you're looking for something more casual, but I love the simplicity of the M3's laurel crest and it has the same fit. Our favourite if you're looking for a logo.
We ordered from Lacoste as they're the originators of the style. The Lacoste L.12.12 is their staple and comes in a huge range of colours. It's hard to judge it fairly as it seems to be the most duped of all polo styles—the Ralph Lauren polo is said to be a copy of their pre-60s model after the designer was disappointed with the synthetic blend polos they produced in the 70s. It has a straight fit, flattering sleeve and fairly flat collar. The fabric is softer than most piques and the split tail is nice but there is nothing particularly stand out, though the mother of pearl buttons are a nice touch. In terms of transparency, they were probably the most disappointing of the branded styles as there was absolutely no place of origin for manufacture, not even a "made in" on their label (though I believe they are produced in Peru).
The Lacoste Paris Polo Shirt is their more contemporary update to the classic style and it features a slightly smaller collar, a bit of elastane in the fabric (6%) and a longer, narrower hidden placket and tonal crocodile patch. It's an interesting update, but if you're going for something so subtle I'm not sure why you wouldn't go for something completely unbranded.
The Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt was an interesting variant. Its piqué was solid and soft feeling, It had a really thick placket and nice mother of pearl buttons, but it was largely indistinguishable from the Lacoste L.12 and its dupe status makes sense. It has a slightly lower stepped hem and a surpassingly slim fit for a "classic" style. It comes in a huge range of colours (some pretty dubious) and is the most expensive of the branded options we tried, coming in at £85. It's also shorter than most of the polos we tried so could be a good option for smaller guys.
Kent Wang is one of menswear's best-kept secrets and we're a big fan of the Kent Want polo shirt. It splits the difference nicely between the more casual sportswear elements and smarter styles like the Adrian with thick quality pique, mother of pearl buttons and a high spread collar designed to look good under a suit jacket or jumper. If you want something with the formality of the Smedley and the easy-care of a classic polo then this is probably your best option and it has some of the most tasteful colours of any brand we reviewed (as well as a wide range of long sleeve options). It should be noted that the fit is quite slim and it's worth sizing up.
The Uniqlo Airism Jersey Polo is sleek and technical without seeming dorky. It kept me from sticking to the sofa when the heat in London got to a high of 35°C (95°F). It would be the ideal choice for a warm-weather tech enthusiast and looked pretty cool and sleek worn with my black running shorts.
The other Uniqlo style I tried was the Uniqlo DRY PIQUE polo, which I was less of a fan of. It was fine but not particularly interesting fit wise and has a slightly coarse plastic-y feel to the fabric.
I tried ASKET's Pique Polo and while it has the brands great fit range (you can choose the length from small to large) was a disappointment overall. The piqué was soft and mercerized but also the most transparent of all the ones we tested which meant nipples showed through. The collar was strangely floppy and unstructured so looked messy when buttoned up but also had trouble sitting flat when opened and the placket looked visually off centre. As usual with the brand, the environmental and social tracing is excellent and I hope they can perfect the style.
Finally, I also gave the H&M COOLMAX Polo a try and while I might appreciate it if I lived in a much warmer country, the texture just suffered in comparison to the pure cotton pique of their standard polo.
This is a new guide from Typical Contents, the “wirecutter for clothes”. It’s by the team behind Epochs, a now defunct menswear blog.
*We’re reviewing categories of clothing in hopes of finding the best item(s) in that category. All items tested in this guide were purchased with our own money. This post does not contain affiliate links.
Check out our previous guides on boxer briefs, plain t-shirts, low top canvas trainers, and summer socks.
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Destination: The Destination That Started It All!

I have been living in the Seattle area since 1979. Having said that, your first rule of thumb when living in Seattle is to lie about how long you have lived here.
There you are - you're established. Now you need some obscure lingo to drive the point home that you are a native. Here's some buzz words and names: Duwamish, The Wheedle on the Needle, Wayne Cody, Downtown Freddie Brown, etc. You can find a plethora of lost Seattle names, terms, etc. at any Lynnwood Garage Sale.
Terms to avoid: Dick's, Beth's, Olympia or Rainier beer, and any espresso company. These are dead give aways that you are trying too hard. Stick with the old lumber - like Jafco, Payless, and Wigwam.
Example: I moved here in 1982. I can remember seeing Wayne Cody in Payless buying adult diapers and a case of beer.
Once you craft a good story you can avoid the abuse of "native" Seattlites. There's like five.
Moving right along, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the Puget Sound area. Looks like it's Olympia to Everettish and Bremertonish to Redmondish. That's a big area. We don't really have the time to go town to town, but we'll hit the bigger areas.
Olympia: this is a great place to stop and get breakfast on your way home from Ocean Shores or Oregon. This is the only reason to go to Olympia. Oh, and a liberal arts college. Those are the two things Olympia is good for. Oh, and being in a girl band. Apparently there's some governmental apparatus down there, but I didn't finish the brochure in the Denny's.
Between Olympia and Tacoma: This is the area where there is nothing. Back in the 1800s, people built Olympia and then said "the hell with building any more liberal arts colleges" and moved North skipping most of the swamps and the bogs on the way until they got bored and built one of the biggest military bases in the country. So, you can just shut your eyes from Olympia to Tacoma. You won't miss anything.
Tacoma: BUZZ WORD ALERT: Tacoma aroma. This will get you mad street cred as well. A hub of (another buzz word) PULP AND PAPER, Tacoma boasts a smell somewhere between that patch of 405 near Renton and that weird hops and coffee smell near the old Rainier building. They also have a glass museum that one guy opened....has a patch, smells like Tacoma, beats kittens....that one guy.
Fife: Imagine Blade Runner with no technology - just dilapidated warehouses and smoke. Add meth users and casinos.
Federal Way: Home of the Green River Killer. Federal Way boasts a mall, the ruins of Weyerhaeuser, and a ton of small lakes. BUZZ WORD: PJ Pockets: a pool hall you could really get shot in.
Auburn: Auburn is Seattle's answer to Mama's Family. Let's say you love the rural south, but pine for Native American culture: look no further than Auburn. INSIDER TIP: Cheap entertainment can be had by going to the burn pit at the firework stand on the reservation. It's like a new installment of Jackass.
Kent: Kent has been the whipping boy for South Seattle for many years. Sure there's more AA meetings than people and sure even the Mormons in Kent are on meth, but make no mistake...I forgot what I was going to say. BUZZWORD: Caveman BBQ.
Renton: Imagine a Vape store. Now imagine people living in that Vape store. Then put a small shopping center in there and a pro sports team's training facility. Now imagine everyone is shoplifting. That's Renton.
Sea Tac: The only reason to go to Sea Tac is 13 Coins. The food has gone down hill a bit, but the ambiance is still there. Oh, wait. The airport is in Sea Tac. TIP: They have rejuvenation rooms in the C terminal to get the smell of Sea Tac off of you before you leave. Also, Sea Tac boasts 20 hand job parlors for every man in Auburn.
Algona: Only exists on maps. Right under the dragon and the legend.
Pacific: The closest body of water to "Pacific" is the 32 ounce coke you can buy at the Arco.
Sumner: My buddy's dad had a Chinese restaurant out here. That's all I know about Sumner.
Des Moines: Close your eyes, hold your nose and run as fast as you can to Redondo.
Covington: Once you go Covington you never go back: Covington boasts the epicenter of casual dining (Red Robin, etc.) and complications from diabetes and heart disease will leave you stationary.
Maple Valley: This is a swell place to raise a family...with the other 23 million people raising families in this area. Honestly, this town would make a chicken farm blush. I had a friend who lived here and his porch was his neighbor's bedroom.
Kennydale: You know that place where you can stand in four or five states at the same time? Well, you can stand in 20 tax brackets in Kennydale.
Factoria: Goldberg's is good. There's a DMV. You can also see hookers in their natural environment at Nordstrom Rack.
Issaquah: Issaquah is Seattle's playground. You get the same pretentiousness coupled with an REI, a trail network, a lake, and GASTROPUBS! GASTROPUBS! GASTROPUBS! TRIVIA: Ted Bundy killed a bunch of people here.
Newcastle: For one reason or another I know that New Castle has the largest population of South Africans. Hey, remember that Lethal Weapon with the bad guy South Africans? Um...oh, I know! One of the best views is at Newcastle golf course. You can see all the way to Seattle. First best? Top of Issaquah Highlands. I should have mentioned that in the Issaquah part. Anyway, that was an awesome Lethal Weapon.
Redmond: Home of Microsoft and three months of The Steve Miller Band playing at Marymoor. There's also a Wholefoods.
Woodinville: One big D.U.I.
Bellevue: There's a mall.
Mercer Island: Rich people and (BUZZWORD) ROANOKE INN. I think Steve Jobs lived here. Oh, wait. No, it's Paul Allen. Or is it?
Seattle: There's a space needle.
Kirkland: Um...
Everett: Exactly like Fife if everyone in Fife thought it was 1982 and had never left the city to find out otherwise.
Bothel: also goes by the name Burien.
Those are some of Puget Sound's hot spots. But how can you live in this area?
First! Have money. The average studio apartment in Seattle runs one coca a month. That's the net worth of one cocaine plantation. As you move South and North the price goes down, but East and West you'll be dealing with much the same market.
Bring a tent! It's no secret that you can live for free in Seattle with the use of a tent. Just pitch your tent wherever and BUILD BUILD BUILD! That's one thing Amazon and the homeless have in common!
Know the language: I've supplied you with a few buzz words to get you by, but only you can sell it. I recommend watching Alice in Chains or Nirvana Unplugged and edit out the music. That nasal drip voice speaks volumes when you use it to order tea or heroin at your favorite coffee shop.
The Locks. I don't remember what The Locks are, I don't know what they do, and I don't want to know. However, once you tell out of towners to visit them and hear about how boring they are, you are officially a Seattlite.
The Space Needle: 20 dollars for THIS?
Five Point: Trendy? Probably. Worth it? Most definitely.
The Monorail: How long does it take to get from the Space Needle to WE'RE HERE Westlake on the monorail?
EMP: Oompa Loompa Ooompala Dee see Paul Allen's garage for a nominal fee!
The Flight Museum: This is the best museum ever. I can't tell you how amazing this...I've never been there.
Eddie Vedder: Lives in West Seattle. He's out playing drums in front of Duke's on Tuesdays.
Kurt Cobain: Check out his old house and exchange totally embarrassed looks with other 40 year olds that still live with their parents.
Jimmy Hendrix: You have to go to Renton. See RENTON.
Politics: if you can hold it in your hand it can be composted.
Well, that's a rough guide for the novice. Thanks and Keep Clam!
P.S. You can buy pot!
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I will attempt to name every Ready Player One Easter Egg Reference Cameo and details. Will be updated and feel free to help out in the comments.

Disclaimer:I am getting these time stamps off ITunes -At 0:00:48-Van Halen’s 1984 song Jump begins to play in the introduction to The “Stacks”.
At 0:01:44 one of the residents of “The Stacks” is receiving a delivery from a Pizza Hut drone.
At 0:02:13-Mrs. Gilmore is wearing a shirt featuring The Police album Synchronicity
At 0:02:45 Two Garbage Pail Kids stickers are visible on the wall one I can make out one which is Bony Tony
Also 0:02:45-A Garfield sticker is also on the van’s wall
At 0:02:46-Hanging from the wall is a damaged IPod Classic
At 0:02:47-Wade retrieves his OASIS retinal scanner off a a Commodore 64 joystick.
Also at 0:02:46-A 1980’s Batman sticker is stuck to the wall where Wade’s retinal scanner is.
At 0:02:47-a Nintendo NES Zapper is taped to the wall of the van.
Also at 0:02:47- a 1972-Doritos packet is tucked behind a drawer in the van.
Also at 0:02:47-a sticker of the pyramid from Q*Bert is stuck to a shelf in Wade’s Van.
At 0:02:57-Wade sets his glasses on a 1982 Masters Of The Universe lunchbox. A Masters Of The Universe Thermos is further along the drawer.
Also at 0:02:57-A POP ROCKS! Blue Razz packet is also lying upon the MOTU lunchbox.
At 0:02:57-beside the lunchbox is a 1980’s Coke can
Also at 0:02:57 A Carl’s Jr. fries packet is lying beside the lunchbox
At 0:03:16-Wade pulls his OASIS visor out of a 1981 Defenders T-Shirt.
At 0:03:18-A 1982 JOUST sticker is placed on the visor
Also at 0:03:18-A Space Invaders logo decal is on the visor
Also at 0:03:18-A Mattel Scratch N’ Sniff sticker is next to the Space Invaders sticker
At 0:03:24-A 1980’s Batman Symbol sticker is visible on the visor
At 0:03:40-we enter the OASIS to visit Minecraft World nice attention to detail with the blocks forming and creeper-face logo.
At 0:03:42-In Minecraft World a village below features Steve Alex and Minecraft pigs and sheep avatars (maybe NPCs?)
At 0:03:47-on the sports world a golf player does the Gilmore swing from Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore.
At 0:03:55-In a Sports World mini-game named Hurricane Hang-Gliding a small house flies through the wreckage referencing the Gale House from The Wizard Of Oz (well in the 1939 movie it was a Tornado but still a reference)
At 0:04:04-a group of OASIS sector portals are seen-some of these include Minecraft World and LUDUS school districts from the book.
At 0:04:17-get ready for some Batman references While in the Vacation Planet Wade explains that you could do multiple activities including climbing MT. Everest with Batman
The variation of the Batman show here is Micheal Keaton’s portrayal from the 1989 Tim Burton film.
Batman climbing MT. Everest is a reference to him and Robin climbing tall buildings in the 1966 Adam West tv series.
Also at 0:04:17-what’s interesting here is the climber below Batman. He definitely looks like Link from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series but I’ve heard Warner Bros. Couldn’t get the license so maybe a Robin Hood Avatar?
At 0:04:21-Wade says you can go to a planet-size space Casino this is taken directly from one of the episodes from the Anime Cowboy Bepbop.
At 0:04:30-we can hear a School bell ring as ships pass the planet Ludus which is of course the school Wade attends in the novel.
At 0:04:40-As Wade introduces the types of Avatars users can choose in the OASIS the Cyclops from the 1958 fantasy film The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad stomps out of the entry point.
At 0:04:41-Frankenstein (1931) and The Wolf-Man (1941) from their classic Universal horror movies emerge from the OASIS entry point as Thr Wolf-Man howls and Frankenstein’s Monster swings his arms around wrapped in chains.
0:04:42-A female Avatar switches her avatar to Injustice 2’s version of The Flash.
At 0:04:43-Zitz and Rash from the 1991 NES game Battletoads emerge from the entry point.
At 0:04:43-Alex Murphy A.K.A Robocop from Paul Verhoven’s 1987 original Robocop film emerges from the entry point.
At 0:04:46-Wade says your avatar can be a Cartoon character as Marvin the Martin from the Looney Tunes cartoon series runs out of the entry point (he looks so cute and cool)
At 0:04:47-a group of OASIS users using Orrendi from the 2016 video game BattleBorn emerge from the entry point.
At 0:04:48-behind Wade Shayne and Auroxx (might’ve misspelled the character’s name) from Battleborn emerge from the entry point.
At 0:04:49-An Orc from World of Warcraft walks besides Wade when Wade is introducing his Avatar Parzival.
At 0:04:56-above on a walkway a younger version of Beetlejuice from Tim Burton’s 1988 movie is visible.
Also at 0:4:56-it appears Raiden from the Mortal Kombat video game series is interacting with another player.
At 0:04:56-Tracer from the video game Overwatch cuts in line for an OASIS portal.
At 0:04:57-Sonic from Sega’s video game series Sonic The Hedgehog taps his foot impatiently waiting for a line.
Also at 0:04:57-Catwoman is also in the line (it appears it is Michelle Pfeiffer’s Batman Returns variation.
At 0:04:58-John Bender from John Hughe’s 1985 teen film The Breakfast Club is seen entering a portal.
At 0:04:58-Night-Wing is seen entering a portal alongside John Bender (it appears it is the Arkham variation.
At 0:04:58-now take this with a grain of salt but I think can make out Sektor and cyborg from Mortal Kombat in one of the portal lines.
At 0:05:00 (under the walkway Wade is one is Commander John Shepard from the EA video game Mass Effect.
At 0:05:02-on the walkway is Attikus from Battleborn stomping past Wade.
At 0:05:04-while Wade is explaining the possibilities of the OASIS Hello Kitty Badtz-Maru and Keroppi from Sanrio skips beside him.
At 0:05:05-A Protoss Zealot from Starcraft II is on the walkway behind Wade.
At 0:05:05-Wade’s avatar Parzival wears a belt and holster worn by Han Solo in Star Wars:Episode IV-A New Hope
Also at 0:05:05-The Buckle on Parzival’s belt is the Tiger emblem from Thundercats (1985 cartoon series)
Also at 0:05:05-Parzival wears Converse’s Chuck-Taylor All stars (golden-winged(
At 0:05:07-Wade pulls up a holographic OASIS sector map that is in the same shape as a Rubik’s Cube
At 0:05:11-Wade finds out Aech is currently participating in a PVP match on Planet Doom a location in the 1984 anime Voltron.
At 0:05:20-On Planet Doom Mechanised scorpions from the 1993 computer game Ultrabots swarm the battlefield.
Also at 0:05:20-The scorpions go up against Knights and Ostriches from the 1982 arcade game Joust (in a deleted scene in the SDCC trailer Napoleon rides on a scorpion as he kills ostriches which lay green eggs like in the game.
At 0:05:22-Aech kills a beserker from Gears of War.
At 0:05:28-Aech eliminates a PVP tournament player taking the form of Robert England’s Freddy Kruger
Also at 0:05:28-Aech uses an MA5B assault rifle from Halo 3 to eliminate players.
At 0:05:29-When Freddy gets killed Kreig’s Buzz-Axe from Borderlands comes bursting out of his inventory
At 0:05:31-Aech kills Kitana from Mortal Kombat as a fan comes out of her inventory
At 0:05:31-Man-Bat from Batman:Arkham Knight swoops down at Aech only to be eliminated
At 0:05:37-Despite being an Assault rifle from Halo the SFX of the rifle is the Pulse Rifle from Terminator 2:Judgement Day
At 0:05:41-Duke Nukem from the video game series of the same name fires multiple rockets at Aech only to be eliminated by him.
At 0:05:44-(this is the weirdest thing in the movie) A player taking the form of an Emoji person attempts to kill Aech.
At 0:05:46-A Zerg from Starcraft is shot by Aech.
At 0:05:47-Aech picks up a EM1-Railgun from the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Eraser.
At 0:05:53-Daito’s Avatar is actually based of legendary Japanese film actor Toshiro Mifune (specially from his 1953 film Throne of Blood)
At 0:05:56-Aech kills Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.
At 0:05:57-Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is fighting Daito and Sho before being shot by Aech.
Also at 0:05:57-The weapon Scorpion is using is a buzz-Axe from Borderlands.
At 0:05:58-Aech shoots Deadshot (it is his Injustice 2 variation)
At 0:06:14-E. Honda from Street fighter is on the mountain pushing other people off with his belly.
At 0:06:18-Chun-Li from Street fighter can be seen dodging traps before being burned by a fire trap.
At 0:06:26-we all saw this cameo. Jim Raynor from Starcraft II and shooting every player in sight.
At 0:06:27-yet another 1972-packaged Doritos Tortilla Chips behind Rick on the coffee table (I believe you see it in the film four times)
0:06:36-When we cut to a mother playing the PVP tournament the Guitar from Guitar Hero is sitting On the armchair.
At 0:06:48-when Daito slays a PVP player and his loot bursts out an O.G 1986 W.O.W Laser Tag pistol can be seen in the pile.
At 0:06:50-we cut to a girl screaming since losing in the PVP match. A poster for The Bangle’s 1984 album All Over The Place is on the girl’s bedroom wall.
Also at 0:06:50 - A Bedtime Bear plush toy from Care Bears is on the girl’s bed.
At 0:06:51-A Donkey Kong Jr. poster is on the bedroom wall.
Also at 0:06:51-On a shelf in the girl’s bedroom Care Bear figurines are visible.
At 0:06:54-Daito and Sho fight and shortly kills Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th horror series.
Also at 0:06:54-When Jason is slain various things comes out of his inventory (lots of guns) I could only make out another 1986 W.O.W Laser Tag pistol.
At 0:07:06-Tear For Fear’s song Everybody Wants To Rule The World plays.
At 0:07:06-Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 Michael Bay film) passes Wade when Wade is talking to Aech.
Also at 0:07:06-Blue Beetle from Injustice 2 passes Wade.
At 0:07:07-behind Wade you can see Benedict from Battleborn
At 0:07:08-Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (again 2014) passes wade while wade is talking to Aech.
At 0:07:12-Doc Brown from Back To The Future in his Part II outfit passes Wade on the walkway.
At 0:07:42-A framed poster of the video game Gradius appears on the wall in the Gregarious Games showcase room.
Also at 0:07:42-A Framed poster of Castlevaynia appears on the opposite wall in the GG showcase room.
At 0:08:01-Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor shortly plays over the start of Halliday’s last message video.
Also at 0:08:01-The quarters over Halliday’s eyes read:God We Trust 1972. 1972 was the year Ernest cline was born AND when Atari was founded.
At 0:08:05-At the funeral parlour there are various flower arrangements of the Starfleet logo and the U.S.S Enterprise ship along with a glass painting of the Starfleet logo from the sci-fi franchise Star Trek.
Also at 0:08:05-The coffin Halliday is lying in is Spock’s Mark VI torpedo in Star Trek II:The Wrath Of Khan.
At 0:08:10-Halliday rises out of the coffin of how Count Dracula would in various Dracula horror movies.
At 0:08:16-Halliday places a TOMY hand-held Pac-Man game on the coffin.
At 0:08:17-Halliday is wearing a Joust shirt.
At 0:08:21-On Halliday’s lapel he is wearing a SIMON pin.
Also at 0:08:21-A little harder to see but Halliday is also wearing a D20 pin from Dungeons and Dragons.
At 0:08:48-On the right side of the screen A High School student watching Halliday’s last message is wearing a Marvin The Martian shirt from The Looney Tunes.
At 0:08:51-Another High school student pulling out a screen is wearing a Pac-Man shirt.
At 0:10:04: Joan Jets and the Blackheart’s 1988 song I Hate myself For Loving you plays.
At 0:10:15-El Dragon from Battleborn passes Wade on the walkway.
At 0:10:27-On the copper key starting line Wade walks through aisles of IOI cars to pass The V8 Interceptor from Mad Max.
At 0:10:34-The Batmobile from the 1966 Adam West tv series Batman is visible throughout the race (love the safety siren flashing)
At 0:10:34-however the driver is not Adam West’s Batman and instead is the Batman from the Arkham games(you can see him moving around in the cockipit)
At 0:10:34:Ryu from Street Fighter is passing down the aisle of cars.
At 0:10:34-A modernised version of the Mach 5 from Speed Racer appears at the starting line next to Ryu.
At 0:10:59-Wade passes a red F1 racing car from the 1982 Atari game Pole Position.
Also at 0:10:59-Mr. T.’s GMC Van from the A-team appears at the starting line.
Also at 0:10:59-the 1968 possessed Plymouth Fury from Christine appears at the starting line of the copper key race.
Also at 0:10:59-Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider game series is having a conversation with Dizzy Wallin from Gears of War II before the race starts.
At 0:11:04-In the Oology department a Scholar is watching the Twin Pines Mall scene from Back to the future on a monitor.
At 0:11:06-A Halliday scholar is holding a sealed copy of DC Comics Presents:Superman and Superboy
At 0:11:09-A Halliday scholar is watching the Goodbye scene in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial on a monitor.
Also at 0:11:09-A Wonder Woman comic panel poster is being studied by scholars.
At 0:11:10-It looks as if on a whiteboard scholars are studying The Glaive from Krull.
At 0:11:13-A group of Ooligists are studying Fruit Loops on a IOI monitor.
Also at 0:11:13-A Cap N’ Crunch cereal box appears on a scholar’s monitor.
Also at 0:11:13-in the Oology department a liberty island version of the map from Escape From New York appears on the TV screen.
At 0:11:28-while walking up to Aech at the racetrack Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat walks past him.
At 0:11:29-Aech’s form of vehicle for the race is the Bigfoot Monster Truck which started the monster truck business and has appeared in multiple Hot Wheels sets.
At 0:11:48-Aech teases wade about not having enough money for fuel but can get a Something About Mary hairdo referencing the 1998 comedy There’s something about Mary.
At 0:12:09-Wade spawns in The DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the future.
Alright so Ernest Cline said during the New York race you can find Ghostbusters HQ and the apartment building from Batteries Not Included I haven’t found them yet.
At 0:12:29-When the horn for the start of the race blows out of Liberty’s torch the Domino Sugar factory appears behind the statue.
At 0:12:49-A blue F1 racing car from Pole Position gets rammed by an IOI vehicle.
At 0:12:52-Art3mis drives by on Shotaro Kaneda’s bike from Akira.
At 0:13:31-A sticker for the skateboarding brand Thraser appears on Artemis’s bike.
Also at 0:13:31-Two Scratch N’ Sniff stickers appear on Art3mis’s bike specifically a pear and Tomato great job stickers.
At 0:13:37- the K.I.T.T bar from Knight Rider is under the grill of Wade’s DeLorean.
At 0:13:45-When speaking about Art3mis to Aech Wade mentions he has seen all of her Twitch Streams.
At 0:13:53-when going over a ramp wade makes the DeLorean do the Corkscrew Junp from the 1967 James Bond movie The Man With The golden Gun.
At 0:14:03-The Pork Chop Express from the 1986 Kurt Russell film Big Trouble In Little China blocks the road for players.
At 0:14:05-Art3mis’s bike has an Atari decal on it.
At 0:14:08-on the street beside the pork chop express a diner appears named Ratners it was an old dinedeli that opened in New York in 1902.
At 0:14:14-Wade switches the DeLorean to Hover mode from Back To The Future:Part II when he gets a collision warning during the race.
0:14:16-when an IOI racer crashes and wade picks up has coins he’s using an Arcade coin slot machine to do so.
At 0:14:35-An IOI racer crashes in front of the national video centre (it is a place in New York basically a museum for technology like televisions and computers)
At 0:14:40-A Ms. Pac-Man decal appears on Art3mis’s bike.
Also at 0:14:40-The superhero logo from The Greatest American Hero appears on Art3mis’s bike.
At 0:14:41-very hard to see but at the bottom of Art3mis’s bike is a decal for skateboarding brand JFA.
Also at 0:14:41-Art3mis and an IOI racer pass a Movie theatre marquee that reads:Schwarzenegger Jack Slater III referencing the 1993 film-in a film Last Action Hero.
At 0:14:51 Rexy The T-Rex from the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World movies munches on vehicles in Chinatown (for those saying it’s just a random T-Rex it does the same roar as in the movies and has the same scars and marks on it’s face)
At 0:14:58-The final and hardest obstacle of all:King Kong. Like in all of the Kong movies he’s hanging off the Empire State Building circled by 1930’s bi-planes.
At 0:15:12-we get a shot of King Kong destroying rail roads in front of the Silvercups Studios building where the final battle in Highlander took place as well as an actual movie studio.
0:15:16-as Aech skids to a halt in Bigfoot the Batmobile gets knocked off the road right after skidding to the sound of the 1966 Batman tv series theme.
At 0:15:20-A 1975 Wonder Woman decal appears on Art3mis’s bike.
At 0:15:25-behind Aech in the scene where Art3mis jumps over the gap with her bike a Delta City billboard from Robocop appears.
At 0:16:29-When Art3mis brushes herself off from Wade’s rescue The Ace Chemical’s building from Batman appears behind her.
0:16:23-when Art3mis insepects her damaged bike an old advertising billboard called Come to the Caribbean appears behind her.
At 0:16:57-when Wade Aech and Art3mis enter Aech’s workshop Prince’s song I wanna be your lover plays.
Also at 0:16:57-leaning against the wall near the entry is Pee-wee Herman’s bike from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.
0:17:08-We all know this one:Aech is working on building an Iron Giant from the animated 1999 film of the same name.
At 0:17:13-A Cylon Raider ship from Battlestar Galactia is hanging on the wall.
At 0:17:22-Aech owns a Fraggle Rock-themed lunchbox to store all his miniature sci-fi ships.
0:17:23-When Wade opens the lunchbox we see various sci-fi ships these conclude of:The Galactia from Battlestar Galactia The Valley Forge From the 1972 sci-fi film Silent Running a colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactia and the Sulaco from Aliens.
At 0:17:24-a miniature model of the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bepbop is on the Aech’s worktable.
At 0:17:31-Wade mentions Aech owning a miniature Harkonnen Drop-ship from Dune and says it could get to Arrakis in seconds (while Arrakis was in the 1965 novel the drop-ship was created for the 1985 movie).
At 0:17:46-A faded mini-poster of Pole Position appears on the pole behind Aech.
At 0:17:47-on another pole below Aech is a poster for the Colecovision video game Gorf.
At 0:17:51-The TARDIS police box from Doctor Who appears behind Aech Wade and Art3mis when talking about repairing the Akira bike.
Also at 0:17:51-hanging from the roof is The Eagle 5 from the 1987 Star Wars parody film Spaceballs.
At 0:17:52-a life-size Swordfish II from Cowboy Bepbop appears in Aech’s workshop waiting for repair.
At 0:17:53-parked in Aech’s workshop is the 1969 250 GT California Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Also at 0:17:53-hanging off the roof of Aech’s workshop is The EVA Pod from the 1968 Kubrick sci-fi classic 2001:A Space Odyssey.
Also at 0:17:53-a life-size Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactia is hanging off the roof of the workshop.
Also at 0:17:53-The Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers in the 25th century is hanging off the roof of the workshop.
Also at 0:17:53-in the corner of the workshop is the enforcement droid ED-209 from Robocop.
At 0:18:18-Art3mis asks Wade what was Halliday’s favourite first-person shooter game. Wade replies by saying 007 Goldeneye based of the James Bond movie of the same name. His favourite character was Oddjob the villain. And his favourite player mode was slappers only where players could only slap to kill.
At 0:18:30-Art3mis asks what Halliday’s favourite racer game which was the 1981 SEGA game Turbo.
O:18:32-Wade says Halliday’s favourite food was Hot Pockets a microwaveable pizza snack.
Also at 0:18:32-while Wade and Art3mis are talking playing softly in the background is Just my imagination (running away with me) by The Temptation.
At 0:13:33-Wade says Halliday’s favourite restaurant was Chuck E. Cheese which is an Arcade and pizza restaurant. The restaurant’s founder Nolan Bushnell also happened to founded Atari.
At 0:18:35-Wade says Halliday’s favourite song was Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles which happens to be the first song to air on MTV in 1980.
At 0:18:37–Wade says Halliday’s favourite music video was A-Ha’s 1985 hit song Take On Me.
At 0:18:42-Wade and Art3mis complete a quote together which was Halliday’s favourite of Gene Hackman’s portrayal of Lex Luthor in Superman:The Movie:Some people can read war and peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the back of a chewing gum paper and unlock the secrets of the universe.
At 0:19:06-before Art3mis and Wade walk away a Castlevaynia poster is on the wall.
At 0:19:98- A Robotron 2084 poster appears on the wall of Aech’s workshop.
Also at 0:19:08-A Joust banner appears on the wall of Aech’s Workshop.
Also at 0:19:08-A GORF banner appears on the wall of Aech’s Workshop.
Also at 0:19:08-A poster for the 1985 Tengen arcade game Gauntlet appears on the wall of Aech’s workshop.
Also at 0:19:08-a poster for Galaga (1983 version) appears on the wall of Aech’s workshop.
At 0:19:54-The PO-024 repair E-Frame from the 90’s cartoon series Exosqaud appears in Aech’s workshop.
At 0:20:01:Art3mis nicknames Wade McFly referencing Marty McFly Back To The Future series.
At 0:20:39-You’ll need to turn the brightness up but when Rick holds up one of Wade’s gloves a Batman and SEGA sticker are on it.
At 0:21:54-Wade explains that his name Wade Watts was supposed to sound like a superhero’s alter-ego and examples Bruce Banner A.K.A The Hulk and Peter Parker A.K.A Spider-Man from Marvel Comics.
At 0:22:39-When Wade grabs out his OASIS visor a Street Fighter decal is on the side of it.
Also at 0:22:39A Midway games decal (a company who manufactured mainly all 80’s and 90’s arcade games) is on the top of Wade’s visor.
At 0:22:41-George Michael’s 1985 song Faith plays when Wade enters the Halliday Journals.
At 0:22:48-The interior design of the Halliday Journals is taking directly from the Shermer High library from The Breakfast Club.
At 0:22:50-Hello Kitty is sitting down at one of the journal’s tables interacting with another player.
At 0:22:52-A Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
Also at 0:22:52:-A Dig Dug arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
Also at 0:22:52-A Tempest arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
At 0:22:56-The Curator’s design is based off Jeeves from the 1990 search engine Ask
At 0:23:06-an Asteroids arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
At 0:23:06-A Pong arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
At 0:23:06-A Pole Position arcade cabinet is behind The Curator’s desk.
At 0:23:19-In one of Halliday’s recreated memories Halliday is playing in an Arcade with games like Joust Asteroids and Tempest.
At 0:23:20-A Revenge Of The Nerds poster is up on the wall in the recreated memory Wade and The Curator walk by.
At 0:23:23-Alright buckle up becuase there are a lot of stuff to cover: In Halliday’s cluttered room there are things such as an Astro Boy mask a vintage packet of Lays Potato Chips a Ladyhawke poster a speak and spell some Madballs a copy of Schindler’s Ark and a Raiders Of The Lost Ark poster.
At 0:23:39-Wade and The Curator walk past a memory labelled:Halliday playing his Atari 2600 with a carving of an Atari 2600 at the bottom.
Also at 0:23:39-The game Halliday is playing on his Atari 2600 is Defender.
Also at 0:23:39-Various toys and collectibles are scattered throughout Halliday’s room concluding of:A Marvin The Martian toy A Gizmo plush from Gremlins a toy model of The A-Team Van A Batman statue posters for Wargames and Rush 2112 Connect Four A SIMON toy an Etch-E-Sketch and a Castle Greyskrull play-set from Masters Of The Universe with He-Man and Skeletor action figures
At 0:23:41-A Framed poster for Black Tiger appears on the wall of The Gregarious Games breakroom.
Also at 0:23:41:In The Gregarious Games breakroom a framed poster for Legend Of Zelda:A Link To The Past is on the wall.
Also at 0:23:41-Further down the hall of the breakroom is a framed poster for Mortal Kombat.
At 0:23:51-Halliday and Ogden Morrow have a conversation about living in an Asteroids Arcade cabinet.
At 0:23:56-Halliday in the memory is wearing a Space Invaders shirt.
At 0:24:16-A framed poster for Galaga (1986 version) appears behind Morrow in the breakroom.
At 0:25:25-Halliday references Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure when talking about going backwards.
At 0:26:01-A Hello Kitty decal appears on Art3mis’s bike.
At 0:26:22-While it’s never said in the movie the Suxors is graffitied on the pedestal of Liberty (it was a nickname for the Sixers in the novel)
At 0:26:59-When Wade gets to King Kong’s stage Max Steiner’s 1933 original theme for King Kong plays.
At 0:27:44-Anorak says to Wade nice racing Padawan referencing the Jedi Apprentices in the Star Wars franchise
At 0:29:12-Ripley’s cargo-Holder from Alien appears on Planet Doom in Nolan Sorrento’s presentation.
At 0:29:23-In Sorrento’s OASIS IOI ad presentation Man-Bat from Batman:Arkham Knight appears on planet doom getting shot at.
At 0:29:24-In Nolan Sorrento’s presentation a pop-up ad for the EM-1 railgun from Eraser appears.
At 0:29:38-Bruce Springsteen’s song Stand On It begins to play.
At 0:29:40-Wade and Aech go to a mall called Avatar Outfitters referencing the store Urban Outfitters.
Also at 0:29:40-The Logo for Avatar Outfitters has the same calligraphic A as in the title for James Cameron’s film Avatar.
At 0:29:43-A Street Fighter booth at Avatar outfitters are selling combat moves as a holographic RYU does an uppercut move.
At 0:29:54-Blue Beetle from Injustice 2 is walking around the store.
At 0:29:54-An Overwatch booth at Avatar Outfitters is selling Pulse Pistols as a holographic Tracer does her spin.
Also at 0:29:54-A Dungeons And Dragons booth is selling magic spells.
At 0:29:59- booth in Avatar outfitters is selling weapons with a holographic Claptrap (a character in the game)
A4 0:29:59-Halo booth is selling assault rifles with holographic images of Master Chief.
At 0:29:59-in the far back left of the booths A Looney Tunes booth with a holographic Marvin The Martian appears.
At 0:29:59-In the far back right an Injustice booth appears (I can’t identify the hologram though). (Zoom In required).
At 0:29:59-A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles booth appears in the far back with a hologram of Raphael (zoom-in required)
At 0:30:02-One of the items available for purchase in the iconic items booth is The Holy Hand Grenade from the 1975 Monty python film Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
At 0:30:07-while I can’t identify the actual item because it goes too fast but Wade runs past an item in the iconic item section with the Blizzard Entertainment logo printed underneath it.
At 0:30:07-Wade Runs past Dust-Brain from the Madballs toy line in the iconic items section.
At 0:30:08-Wade runs past The Peltzer Peeler Juicer from Gremlins in the iconic times section.
Also at 0:30:08-Wade runs by A Chucky doll from Child’s Play (which is where Aech presumably got the one used on Planet Doom) in the iconic times section.
At 0:30:09-Wade runs past a Plasma Pistol from Halo in the iconic items section.
At 0:30:11-Wade walks up and buys a magical item The Zemeckis Cube which is of course a Rubik’s Cube named after Back To The Future Director Robert Zemeckis that has the ability to slow and turn back time.
At 0:30:13-A hologram of The Wolf-Man appears next to The Zemeckis Cube booth.
At 0:31:05:When Nolan Sorrento enters the OASIS he is transported to the wreckage of a Tripod fighting machine from War Of The Worlds (1953 George Pal version)
At 0:31:29-Sorrento’s avatar Bossman59 features a Clark Kent hair curl from Superman.
At 0:31:52-I-ROK flicks away Perseus’s Shield from the 1981 version of Clash Of The Titans (sigh)(I-ROK has no respect for classics)
Also at 0:31:52-Indiana Jone’s whip from the Indiana Jones franchise is laying besides the shield.
At 0:31:58-I-ROK picks up the head of an eliminated player The Steampunk Pirate King and does a misquoted reference to William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. I-ROK says I knew him well Sorrento parodying the line to Yorick:Alas Yorrick!! I knew him Horatio.
At 0:32:18-In the pile of weapons are tow Boomshot guns from Gears of Wars.
Also at 0:32:18-The Colonial Blaster from Battlestar Galactia appears in the pile of weapons.
Also at 0:23:18-Two Batarangs from Batman are scatted around the weapons pile.
At 0:32:22-The M1911 Colt pistol from Duke Nukem is also in the weapons pile.
Also at 0:32:22-The box containing The Orb Of Osuvox is the Mogwai box that Gizmo was kept in at the start of Gremlins
At 0:32:29-The inside of the orb is a polyhedral D20 dice used in Dungeons and Dragons.
At 0:33:11-When talking about the price of Parzival’s elimination from The Scoreboard I-ROK references a Tootsie Pop commercial with Mr. Owl biting to the chocolaty centre.
At 0:33:51-The vehicle Daito uses to get to the finish line is The Mach 5 from Speed Racer.
At 0:33:54-Sho pulls up to the finish line in a Smokey (literally) 1977 Trans Am Pontiac used in Smokey and The Bandit.
At 0:34:22-When Wade is reciting the Jade Key clue excerpt in his notebook he has linked the last two words in the clue: At Last” could be a possible reference to the song of the same now (doesn’t specify which one though)
At 0:34:29- On a piece of paper taped to the wall Wade has written down locations you can visit in the OASIS these conclude off-
The Star Wars Galaxy The Star Trek Universe Middle-Earth from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit. Vulcan from Star Trek Pern from Dragonriders of Pern Arrakis from Dune Magrathea from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Discworld from the book series of the same name Ring-world from the book series of the same name River-world from the book series of the same name.
From 0:34:30 to 0:34:31-taped to the wall is a list of John Hughes movies these conclude of-
National Lampoon’s Vacation Sixteen Candles Weird Science Breakfast Club Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Pretty In Pink Some Kind Of Wonderful Planes Trains and Automobiles Uncle Buck Home Alone Home Alone 2:Lost In New York
At 0:34:32-Taped to the wall is Wade’s analysis of the funeral scene in Halliday’s Last Message video. It is a breakdown of all the Star Trek Easter eggs in the scene including the Starfleet logo U.S.S. Enterprise and the photo torpedo
At 0:34:33-At the bottom of a Newspaper article taped to the wall of Wade’s Van it reads:OASIS Coin the next Dollar? A sly reference to Bit-Coin video game currency.
At 0:34:40-On a piece of paper taped to the wall Wade has written down the rules of The OASIS just like the book and it mentions Everquest the MMORPG Game.
At 0:35:30-On the right besides Kira and Morrow’s picture is a list of movies labelled: Set In New York
These conclude of-Ghostbusters. Big (1988 Tom Hanks) has been crossed out on the list. Mad Max (it was in Australia though?) The cannonball Run. King Kong . Escape From New York is highlighted on the list. See No Evil (1971 horror movie). And another misplaced title Back To The Future despite being set in California
At 0:35:19-Wade has written down instructions of how to get to the secret room in Adventure foreshadowing the climax.
At 0:35:21-When Wade goes back to the Halliday Journals Blondie’s song One Way Or Another plays.
At 0:35:27-The Arkham Knight passes Wade when he is exiting The Halliday Journals (he later returns inside)
At 0:35:28-A younger version of Beetlejuice spots Wade when Wade enters The Journals.
At 0:35:29-Supergirl from Injustice 2 jumps out of her seat to greet Wade.
At 0:35:31-Raiden from Mortal Kombat is sitting down at one of the Journal’s tables.
At 0:35:34-Dizzy Wallin from Gears Of Wars 2 runs up to the crowd that mobs Wade.
At 0:35:37-Blue Beetle from Injustice 2 is one of the fans in the crowd.
Also at 0:35:37-Ambra from Battleborn is one of the fans in the crowd.
At 0:35:38-Batgirl from Batman is one of the fans in the crowd.
At 0:35:47-Goro from Mortal Kombat pulls Wade away from his fans.
At 0:35:48-Lara Croft from Tomb Raider is one of the fans in the crowd.
At 0:36:02-When being led into a secret room Wade gets pranked by a Chestburster from Alien popping out of Goro’s chest revealed to be a puppet by Art3mis.
At 0:36:36-Art3mis pulls out Clark Kent Glasses from Superman and puts them on Wade for a disguise while roaming The Journals.
At 0:35:46-While Wade with his Clark Kent disguise goes into the archives Miko from Battleborn is behind him.
At 0:36:49-Benedict from Battleborn is behind Wade when Wade enters The Archives.
At 0:36:51-When Wade and Art3mis are entering The Archives an avatar behind them is wearing a pink Michael Jackson jacket.
At 0:37:00-In the memory outside of Halliday and Morrow’s office is a framed Metroid Japanese printed poster (original 1986 game)
At 0:37:03-Behind Art3mis Wade and The Curator is another memory which is set in The Happytime pizzeria from the novel.
At 0:37:17-There are some action figures on Morrow’s desk. One I can make out his Triceraton from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990).
At 0:37:32-When Halliday is talking to Sorrento you can see he is designing the Room 237 Bathroom from The Shining on his computer.
Also at 0:37:32-The Billy Idol album Don’t Stop is on Halliday’s desk.
At 0:37:44-A copy of Dungeon Magazine is lying on Halliday’s desk (I could not identify which issue though)
At 0:37:49-In a blink and you miss it moment when The Curator is fast-forwarding the Memory a framed Pole Position poster is outside the office.
At 0:37:53-On the shelf behind the desk is Def Leppard’s 1983 album Pyromania (zoom-in required)
At 0:38:02-While having a conversation with Morrow about the date with Karen Halliday says she prefers to be called Kira after the character in Jim Henson’s 1982 film The Dark Crystal.
At 0:38:39-As mentioned above the memory behind the three is of Halliday hanging out at The Happytime Pizzeria but in this frame you can see he is playing Joust.
At 0:39:48-Wade figures out that Kira is the centre of the 2nd clue and calls her Halliday’s Rosebud referencing the lost sled Rosebud in Citizen Kane.
At 0:40:02-When Art3mis flips the quarter The Curator gives to Wade it makes the sound effect of a 1-up from the Super Mario Bros. Games.
At 0:40:17-Earth Wind and Fire’s 1975 song Can’t find love plays when Art3mis asks Wade on a date.
Alright in Aech’s 80’s basement recreation there is soo much Easter eggs and memorabilia so forgive me if I miss any.
At 0:40:46-posted on the wall is a Save Ferris poster from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off another Metroid poster and white Space Invader decals.
At 0:40:46-hanging from the wall is the neon sign for the dream bar Cocktails and Dreams in the 1988 Tom cruise film Cocktail.
At 0:40:46-below the sign is a Dark Crystal poster.
At 0:40:46-Ripping through the floor is the nuclear rocket from Weird Science.
At 0:40:46-A Pac-Man bin lies besides a Pac-Man arcade cocktail cabinet.
At 0:40:46-an Airplane! VHS tape is on top of boxes.
At 0:40:46-multiple VHS tapes for the 1986 Jim Henson film Labyrinth are scattered around the floor of the hangout.
At 0:40:06-Retro packets for Potato Chips brands Lays and Ruffles lay against the coffee table.
At 0:40:06-Incredibly hard to see but under a pile of VHS tapes is a VHS tape of Caddyshack (zoom-in required)
At 0:40:46-Marty Mcfly Jr.’s rainbow cap from Back To The Future:Part II lies besides an vinyl record player.
At 0:40:06-Lying against the wall is an Emulator II keyboard used in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
At 0:40:46-on the wall besides the couch are three mini-posters stuck on it:A Donkey Kong arcade poster A Pole Position II poster and a 1983 Galaga poster.
At 0:40:06-A Kermit The Frog plush from The Muppets is lying against a shelf besides a Hot Wheels play-set.
At 0:40:06-An ALF plush from the 1986 sitcom ALF is sitting on top of the television
At 0:40:06-A Speak &Spell used in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is lying on the shelf.
At 0:40:50-A Beastmaster poster is next to the mirror.
At 0:40:50-A Star Trek:The Motion Picture poster is in the corner of the room above The Emulator II Keyboard (you need to turn brightness full up to see)
At 0:40:50-A copy Analog Computing magazine #10 is leaning against the crate below Wade’s feet.
At 0:40:50-above the mirror is a Mayor Goldie Wilson election poster from Back To The Future. A Wil Wheaton election poster is across from Wilson’s one (if you recall Wheaton was the Vice President of the OASIS in the novel)
At 0:40:50-In a blue crate below Wade’s feet is Run D.M.C’s 1986 album Tougher Than Lever.
At 0:40:50-A Wargames poster is on the wall besides the mirror.
At 0:40:50- the first issue for Nintendo Power featuring Super Mario Bros. is located on a stack of magazines in Aech’s hang-out
At 0:40:50-A Big Trouble In Little China poster is located behind a chair in Aech’s hang-out.
At 0:40:50-A cutout of Tom Selleck’s face from Magnum P.I. Is posted on the wall in Aech’s hang-out.
At 0:40:50-A Cookie Monster cookie jar from Sesame Street is on the the bench in the hang-out
At 0:40:50-A poster for Labyrinth is next to the Tom Selleck cutout
At 0:40:50-A Cap N’ Crunch cereal box is laying on the counter next to an overturned Fruit Loops cereal box.
At 0:40:50-at the very far back of the counter is The Peltzer Peeler Juicer from Gremlins
At 0:40:51-Wade selects Prince’s Purple Rain outfit for a possible outfit for his date.
At 0:40:54-In the reflection of the mirror a Breakfast Club poster is seen.
At 0:40:57-Wade switches his outfit to Michael Jackson’s Thriller costume and even does the dance (one of my favourite artists along Queen who are unfortunately not referenced in the film)
At 0:40:57-Next to the mirror is the original poster for Mad Max.
At 0:40:58 White decals for Space Invaders are scattered on the pillar next to Aech.
At 0:40:58 The Pink Mattel Hoverboard from Back To The Future Part II is leaning against the wall.
At 0:40:58-On the coffee table are retro cans for Coca-Cola Pepsi and Tab (along with some D20 from D&D)
At 0:40:58-Below the coffee table is a E.T. The Extra Terrestrial VHS tape
At 0:40:58-The sword of omens from Thundercats is leaning against the wall next to the couch.
At 0:40:58-on the table next to the hula-girl lamp is the Golden Idol from Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
At 0:41:00-A Mad Max 2 poster is behind Wade when trying out outfits.
At 0:41:00-A Legend Of Zelda:A Link To The Past mini-poster is behind Wade.
At 0:41:02-Hanging from the ceiling is a miniature Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers In The 25th Century.
At 0:41:02-A Banner for 1980 video game Missile Command is on the wall behind Aech.
At 0:41:04-On the back of Wade’s punk outfit is the logo for 80’s rock band The Dead Kennedy’s
At 0:41:05-Wade switches to a Nick Rhodes outfit from the band Duran Duran.
At 0:41:07-David’s computer speaker from WarGames is on top of the cocktail cabinet.
At 0:41:07-in a pile of VHS tapes is a VHS tape for Breakin’ (or Breakdance) is on the floor.
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Eclipse Weekend MegaThread #1: Metro Event Happenings (150 sq mi radius!) Friday and Saturday August 18 - 19

For Eclipse Weekend, we're expanding the list of Metro Events to include anything within about 150 miles of Portland Metro's epicenter.

Friday August 18, 2017

Saturday, August 19 2017

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Ads for 2016-12-14 (1 / 2)

Subreddit Title Brand
AskReddit Why do Youtube comments seem to be filled with trash? Youtube
mildlyinteresting This Amazon locker outside a 7-Eleven is named Appu. 7-Eleven
WritingPrompts WP you are a world famous assassin. You are ready to take on your next job. Your new target: Grimace of the McDonald's family. McDonald's
videos Canadian traveller going across the US had his RV booted in the middle of the night at a Walmart without warning and was scammed out of $80 Dollars. Walmart
dataisbeautiful My Money Habits 2016 as Monthly Percentages of the Total Spent by Category OC Total
IAmA IamA Casino Host AMA! Casino
mildlyinteresting A Taco Bell sauce packet with no text Bell
Jokes The United States political system. United
IAmA AMA Request Sing Along Kids in Mickey's Fun Songs for Let's Go to the Circus!, Campout at Walt Disney World and Beach Party at Walt Disney World Walt Disney
todayilearned TIL that there is a statue in Puerto Rico which is 2x the height of the Statue of Liberty; thus being the tallest statue in the United States United
videos Opera Performance in NYC Subway Time Sq/42nd St. Never been to opera before, but I see how people can love this. It was amazing. Subway
pics This is the President of the United States in an episode of Sex in the City. United
worldnews The United States will halt the planned sale of precision-guided weapons to Saudi Arabia, a U.S. official said, in response to concerns over Saudi military practices in the Yemeni civil war, which has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians. United
todayilearned TIL of the Netflix series "Captive" that tells the intimate story of Corinne Coffin, a Brazilian based Coca-Cola businesswoman, who got kidnapped in 1991 in exchange for ransom. In her time there she had a stroke, was joined by other hostages, and even watched her potential grave being dug. Coca-Cola
worldnews The United Kingdom’s negotiating approach to leaving the European Union will fully take into account the importance of its relationship with Ireland, the chairman of the British parliamentary committee on Brexit has said. United
personalfinance Tricked by eBay seller eBay
history Why weren't the Russians more successful, like the United States or Egyptians, with all the forced labor during the USSR? United
gaming Has cross-play between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 officially started yet? If not when is it going to start? Xbox
AskReddit Anti-vaxxers, why do you think that you're hours of Google searching is more reliable than decades of intense study by immunologists around the world? Google
worldnews Canada PM Justin Trudeau insists donors hold no policy sway - BBC News BBC
news Afghan Vice-President Dostum accused of sex assault - BBC News BBC
gaming Shogun 2 Total War vs Atilla Total War ? Total
todayilearned TIL IBM machines were used to automate the “Final Solution” IBM
explainlikeimfive ELI5:What is AJ+ and why are their videos posted on Facebook so much? Facebook
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does Coca-Cola taste better when drunk from glass bottles? Coca-Cola
videos Caught on Video. An unfortunate I TOLD YOU SO! Comcast Xfinity causes multiple slide offs and an accident with injury. Xfinity
worldnews Obama Gives United Nations Power Over Internet United
Showerthoughts Someone should yell "Okay Google" over the intercom at Google HQ. Google
videos This Victoria's Secret commercial is so weird Victoria's Secret
worldnews Trump and Russia critics fear Rex Tillerson will upend European relations. US allies look to Senate confirmation hearings for ExxonMobil CEO and ‘friend of Putin’ amid concerns over future of Nato and Russia sanctions ExxonMobil
AskReddit What is your favorite subreddit to steal content from and post to Facebook and other social media sites? Facebook
videos My friend is a comedian with cerebral palsy, and the BBC recently commissioned him to do a TV show! Here's the trailer for "A Brief History of Tim" BBC
AskReddit What is the most Taco Bell that u have ever eaten? Bell
funny Album of my Google Street View appearances notice the increase of maturity over time Google
news Indians are being arrested for sitting during the national anthem - BBC News BBC
worldnews Soviet 'NKVD' restaurant name triggers Moscow row - BBC News BBC
EarthPorn Moonrise over St. Agnes Lake in the Boundary Waters. Most underrated place in the United States OC 1334 x 750 United
philosophy What Is Fiat Currency? A Look At The Coinage Act of 1965 Fiat
mildlyinteresting Surprise whilst making fajitas. Mini-pepper inside this red Bell pepper. I must say this is a first. Bell
news Radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has been detected on the West Coast of the United States. United
AskReddit What's a hidden Youtube channel you know that provides great content but never gets the credit it deserves? Youtube
AskReddit Clark Kent kicked out of the Daily Planet. Fired as a journalist! What is his next job? Kent
Showerthoughts Someone should yell “Okay Google” over the intercom at Google HQ. Google
news Bali policeman's widow rejects 'donation' from accused killer - BBC News BBC
gaming Comparing PC to consoles is like comparing modified and custom vehicles to a Honda Civic. Honda
AskReddit What is the most tasteless thing you have seen somebody post to a memorial Facebook page? Facebook
books What comparisons can we draw across Kent in King Lear and Mrs.Linde in The Doll House? Kent
mildlyinteresting My Xbox says I created this clip 416 years ago Xbox
videos First Google Store in North America! Google
news US puts limits on Wells Fargo as bankruptcy plan falls short Wells Fargo
gifs if you draw hands on the small McDonald's hot cup it looks like a butt. If you poke a hole in it... McDonald's
gifs if you draw hands on the small McDonald's hot cup it looks like a butt. If you poke a hole in it... McDonald's
news Woman dragged off Delta flight from Detroit Delta
funny I'd like to introduce you to "Fluffer the Taco Bell Tree Topper", the tree topper my parents used, and still use on their tree. Bell
WritingPrompts WP Scientists have verified a method for the human body to turn Calories into a physical manifestation of energy. As a result the United States, with its inexorable obesity, finds itself in civil unrest when this new technology floods the streets. United
funny Taco Bell girl- Any sauce? Me- Yeah, a couple of each will be plenty: Bell
videos Wisdom from Fiona Apple circa 1997 Apple
videos Ferrari Powered Toyota 86 - Finally Finished Toyota
videos South Florida Winter Auto Festival 2016 Shot With Canon EOS 1DX Mark II 4k Canon
worldnews Afghan Vice-President Dostum accused of sex assault - BBC News BBC
worldnews Lawson and Panasonic starts testing a robotic cashier-bagger in Japan Panasonic
worldnews The United States is ready to confront China should it continue its overreaching maritime claims in the South China Sea, the head of the U.S. Pacific fleet said on Wednesday, comments that threaten to escalate tensions between the two global rivals. United
funny DragonBall Z has a Ford Commercial. Ford
Showerthoughts I'm thankful for the bots. They are much more nice than disgruntled Facebook friends. I like the bots.... Facebook
gaming Is there any way to get Simpsons Hit & Run on my Xbox One? Xbox
AskReddit How Instagram live is going to be different then Facebook live? Is there any added benefits users can get in Instagram live? Facebook
todayilearned TIL that Dr Kellogg invented Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereal to prevent masturbation Kellogg's
videos USA's First McDonald's Nutella Burger Review! McDonald's
news Aleppo battle: Rebels await evacuation, as fighting ends - BBC News BBC
television Rodney McKay vs. Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson Stargate Atlantis Tyson
gaming Resident Evil 7 demo is Xbox One Now!!! Xbox
Music Rex Orange County - Paradise Indie Orange
Showerthoughts We should celebrate national hero General William Tecumseh Sherman on Valentine's Day at Victoria's Secret stores across Alabama Victoria's Secret
todayilearned TIL the Dodge Brothers sued Henry Ford in 1919 on the grounds that a company should act in the interests of its shareholders and not for the good of society, its customers or its employees Ford
gaming Please check this app out it will give you psn cards, steam cards, even Xbox live cards! Xbox
videos Lida Police Chase November 2016 Chase
gaming If IKEA use EA business scheme IKEA
todayilearned TIL that Spain sold the Philippines to the United States for $20 million on the 1989 treaty of Paris United
Showerthoughts Something tells me with all the improvements in technology I'd probably find those Google results I never could. The only problem is I don't remember them. Google
gaming Please check this app out it will give you psn cards, steam cards, even Xbox live cards! Xbox
food I ate KFC in South Korea KFC
WritingPrompts WP In an effort to boost profits and push the limits of what is possible Lockheed Martin execs sometimes disable the air conditioning and secretly lace the watercoolers in the Skunkworks with LSD. The results are always equally impressive and horrifying Lockheed Martin
news Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase finance the private prison industry and news report recommends that municipalities, pensions, and endowments that bank with them or own their stocks and bonds should exert pressure on the banks to stop lending to CoreCivic and GEO Group. Chase
news Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase finance the private prison industry and news report recommends that municipalities, pensions, and endowments that bank with them or own their stocks and bonds should exert pressure on the banks to stop lending to CoreCivic and GEO Group. JP Morgan
AskReddit If MTV made a "True Life" episode of you, what would the theme be? MTV
gaming The biggest snowflakes massacre ever! on Google Play Google
nottheonion Shopper awarded $90,000 damages after slipping on grape in Coles Supermarket Coles
videos Create Google Chrome Logo in Photoshop Tutorials Google
worldnews The bank lent me $2m so I spent it on strippers and cars - BBC News BBC
WritingPrompts wp Six years ago, in 2022 the United States Federation voted unanimously to establish "The Internet Rights Act", a crippling blow to an America since stripped of her guns. You are a lieutenant within a high profile resistance effort, perimeter alarms just tripped. Now you defend Staten Island. United
AskReddit which is your favorite Starbucks drink? Starbucks
mildlyinteresting 7up instead of Sprite on this soda dispenser with Coca Cola products at In-N-Out Sprite
worldnews Aleppo battle: Rebel evacuation delayed - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL that when Henry Ford was selling his Model-T cars in 1909, he said "Any customer can have a car painted any color they like, as long as it's black" Ford
news ‘Did the Holocaust happen’? Top search result says no and Google refuses to change it Google
todayilearned TIL: A man accidentally acquired $2m from The Bank so he spent it on strippers and cars - BBC News BBC
worldnews Boss of French group Orange will not testify at Lagarde trial on Wednesday: lawyer Orange
UpliftingNews Dog slaughter banned in South Korean market - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Next Generation Sequencing- Roche 45 Pyrosequencing Roche
worldnews A monster, 19-metre wave has set a new world record - Taller than a 6-story building. The United Nations announced the record-breaker, after using buoy data registering a towering wall of water reaching a stunning 19 metres 62.3 feet in height. United
news The highest-ever wave of 19 metres 62.3ft has been recorded in the North Atlantic. An automated buoy recorded the wave in the ocean between Iceland and the United Kingdom, the World Meteorological Organization said. United
gaming TMNT Turtle Shell Costume *Tutorial + Pattern Shell
worldnews Fierce fighting halts Aleppo evacuation - BBC News BBC
funny Meet fake Steve Jobs in fake Apple store. Apple
worldnews Buckfast monks make record £8.8m - BBC News BBC
news Fierce fighting halts Aleppo evacuation - BBC News BBC
aww I don't know if this is the right SubReddit but I thought this one is worth to share. Not my photo, just a screen grab from a Facebook page 🙂 Facebook
AskReddit What's the riskiest sounding Google search, that isn't actually risky at all? Google
worldnews Atlantic wave biggest ever recorded by buoy - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How do eBay retailers profit from their sales when their authentic products sell for significantly less than the original retailers products? eBay
todayilearned TIL that because of the successful “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” Kentucky for Christmas! marketing campaign in 1974, Japan can't get enough KFC on Christmas Day. KFC
videos [Huge Traffic For YouTube Video From Reddit Youtube Full Course Part-07](
gaming This Week’s Game Deals For Xbox Live Gold Members Xbox
gaming Top 7 Trailers at Playstation Expo 2016 video Playstation
Futurology You can hail a self-driving Uber in San Francisco starting today Uber
gaming Assassin's Creed Rogue Intel HD 5500 Gameplay Intel
mildlyinteresting This ketchup dispenser at McDonald's made a smiley face McDonald's
personalfinance Returning gift and canceling Macy's card question? Macy's
videos This dank asf Microsoft remix video is incredible! 108 views Microsoft
DIY Custom Pepsi Machine Gun Safe! Pepsi
news GM delivers first Chevrolet Bolts, sparking electric car price race Chevrolet
WritingPrompts WP Due to a major tax filing error meet the new owners of the United States. Team Four Star and they intend on making some changes. United
AskReddit What do you prefer, PS4 Pro or Xbox One S? Xbox
AskReddit How can Lowe's sell two sets of deadbolt locks that use the same key? How is that safe? Lowe's
AskReddit What would happen if Canada, United States and Mexico joined together as a country? United
funny if you draw hands on the small McDonald's hot cup it looks like a butt. If you poke a hole in it... McDonald's
Showerthoughts I want to hear Mike Tyson sing "Silver Bells" Tyson
mildlyinteresting This CVS sign pronunciation remains the same despite letter out CVS
Showerthoughts I'm a Target large, but a Walmart medium. Walmart
Showerthoughts I'm a Target large, but a Walmart medium. Target
worldnews China: Trump's One China comments 'risk Taiwan peace' - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What was your most searched word in Google this year? Google
Jokes I don't see why the media is crying 'conflict of interest' at Trump's appointment of Exxon CEO as Secretary of State! Exxon
worldnews Taiwan: A pawn in Trump’s chess game with China? - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9 and go straight to Windows 10? Microsoft
gaming Is the Elite controller for Xbox One worth it? Xbox
space Trump names Elon Musk, Uber CEO to advisory team Uber
worldnews Philippines' Duterte admits personally killing suspects - BBC News BBC
funny German Apple ad shares the future of the new Touch Bar Apple
listentothis Vessels - The Sky Was Pink Electronic/Post-rock/Indie rock? 2012 Sky
AskReddit Why does Starbucks always get your name wrong on the cup? Starbucks
todayilearned TIL Coca-Cola sponsored "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Coca-Cola
worldnews Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick added to President-elect Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum Uber
worldnews The bank lent me $2m so I spent it on strippers and cars - BBC News BBC
OldSchoolCool 1970 Ford Torino GT Ford
Showerthoughts One of the best things to measure your character development and maturity, is to look back at your old Facebook posts. Facebook
news The bank lent me $2m so I spent it on strippers and cars - BBC News BBC
Futurology Elon Musk and the chief executive of Uber are now advising Donald Trump Uber
Music Stan Rogers - Northwest Passage Canadian Folk Rogers
funny Most Legit Google Account Google
movies Deputy Winston and the party man from Cabin Fever. Funny scene from a great horror film. Winston
funny Someone at McDonald's Deserves a Promotion McDonald's
Showerthoughts The UPS guy is like the real life Santa Clause. UPS
videos The Chicken Connoisseur makes it live on ITV in the UK. ITV
history In 1250, the southeastern United States was home to a city larger than London whose people built 200 huge, earthen pyramids United
movies Dunkirk - Survival Teaser - Warner Bros. UK Warner Bros.
space Is NASA, SpaceX, or Boeing building a rotating space station to send astronauts to deep space? If not, what are the setbacks preventing this from happening? Boeing
AskReddit What do you think about Huawei P9 camera ? Huawei
Showerthoughts Contrary to popular belief Starbucks has the best holiday sandwich Starbucks
OldSchoolCool Vintage Volkswagen Specialist 1950-70 Volkswagen
Music Peter Crofton - Delta Psychedelic/Electronic 2016 Delta
funny On American Airlines and I can't unseen the McDonald's Cup. McDonald's
funny On American Airlines and I can't unseen the McDonald's Cup. American Airlines
nottheonion Boris Johnson's unused water cannon had £1,000 stereos fitted Johnson's
worldnews Why are Indians being arrested for sitting during the national anthem? - BBC News BBC
news Carjacker In Detroit Targets FedEx Truck With More Than 200 Packages FedEx
pics Comcast. If you vote this up, it will show up on Google Images when people Google search Comcast, cable or internet service provider. Google
space Big Space Reorganization Coming, House Strategic Forces Chairman Mike Rogers Says Rogers
videos 2,400hp truck, "The Iron Knight" vs Volvo race car Volvo
worldnews Volkswagen's bestselling Audi under microscope after EU emissions tests Audi
videos A Crazy Man Should Sky Diving into the Water Pools**Impossible Challenge Amazing Sky
worldnews Solar Energy Is Setting Historic Records In The United States United
mildlyinteresting There's a purple Apple Jack in my bowl of cereal Apple
history In 1250, the southeastern United States was home to a city larger than London whose people built 200 huge, earthen pyramids United
funny Two motorcyclists fly over a car hood in an accident captured by Google Street View Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How did Wells Fargo benefit by creating 2 million bogus accounts? Wells Fargo
personalfinance Leaving Wells Fargo looking for suggestions for a new bank Wells Fargo
todayilearned TIL BMW Recalled its GPS System in the '90s Because Men Refused to Take Directions from a Female Voiced Navigation System and even Called their Customers to Assure that Men Made the Cars and the Directions BMW
Music [{non-music video} Wrabel I never tell Twitter Account, Personal Impact of his First Tour, Ten Feet Tall
pics My friends Facebook comment reply after someone complained on his post that he wasn't doing a handstand in the original image... Facebook
pics Stuck on the runway with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. I think Delta is now on the naughty list Delta
Futurology Elon Musk and Uber CEO are now advisors for Trump Uber
videos How To Download Facebook Videos Easy Facebook
news Crimean gold must go back to Ukraine, says Dutch court - BBC News BBC
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Subreddit Title Brand
videos How To Become A Youtube Film Critic Youtube
worldnews Mosul IS battle: Mass grave found at Badoush prison, Iraqi forces say - BBC News BBC
OldSchoolCool Harrison Ford the carpentry years - 1970s Ford
funny Found In A Walmart In Orangeville, Canada Walmart
mildlyinteresting My face cream made a Nike swoosh on my brush Nike
funny Visited the CN Tower today! CN
funny My Dads Facebook Post From the National War Museum Caption "Fuck You Hitler" Facebook
mildlyinteresting I think our Target is confused .. Target
Showerthoughts The difference between a taxi driver and an Uber driver can be summed up in one sentence: Taxi drivers don't stop at yellow lights. Uber
worldnews Dutch police break up pro-Erdogan protest - BBC News BBC
food Homemade Apple Smoked Pork Chops with Caramelized Honey Apples and Garlic Mashed Potatoes Apple
todayilearned TIL that Bayer came from IG Farben, the company responsible for discovering antibiotics and creating Zyklon B Bayer
AskReddit What is your worst Uber ride experience, driver or rider? Uber
news Slave auction project: New Jersey school under fire - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts I take Google for granted.` Google
gaming [Need For Speed Most Wanted
gaming [Need For Speed Most Wanted
news Mosul IS battle: Mass grave found at Badoush prison, Iraqi forces say - BBC News BBC
worldnews The Japanese government, fretting over the future of Toshiba Corp's flagship memory chips unit, is prepared to block a sale to bidders it deems a risk to national security, sources said, a stance that gives U.S. suitors a major advantage Toshiba
mildlyinteresting My CVS Does Not Deal In Fixing Injuries CVS
AskReddit What could you build with an infinite supply of Lego and duplo? Lego
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does an Ed Sheeran album on the Google play store cost more than a monthly subscription to Spotify? Google
AskReddit Reddit. What are your favorite bread, salad, cheese and sauce combinations for a Subway sandwich? Subway
Music Drake Bell & Josh Peck - Soul Man Rock Bell
movies The Scene where Clark Kent returns to the Diner to show the bully who is really The Boss. I just love this entire scene " Terribly sorry about all the Damage, Sir." Ah, so good. Kent
Showerthoughts I still haven't forgiven Jurassic World for the Jeep scene. I don't think I ever will. Jeep
Showerthoughts How entertaining would a vlog series of couples building IKEA furniture be? IKEA
Music How to listen to Youtube Videos without the video Youtube
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is the argument behind not imposing term limits on United States congress members? United
personalfinance What are some credit cards I could get, as a 19 year old working at McDonald's part time with zero credit history? McDonald's
Showerthoughts I drink Coca-Cola like drug addicts snort cocaine. What a fix! Coca-Cola
funny The Michelin Boy Michelin
funny Hilarious BBC interview parody BBC
aww When you get tired after crashing your daddy's BBC interview BBC
videos Sculpting a full-size animatronic T-Rex. Stan Winston Studios footage of the making of the original T-Rex from the first Jurassic Park. Winston
Jokes I just found out Microsoft bought Skype for 8.5 billion dollars. Microsoft
funny When your friend thinks their BMW can do it all. BMW
AskReddit What gun laws do you think would be the best for the United States? United
videos Today I Blew Up A Toyota Corolla Toyota
mildlyinteresting This Taco Bell order screen has an error message. Bell
AskReddit Serious What do you think is a fair compromise on one or more tough political, religious, or social issues in the United States? United
Jokes Why did Adobe reader get arrested? Adobe
Music Mandolin Orange - Wildfire Folk Orange
worldnews Preet Bharara, high profile US prosecutor, says he was fired - BBC News BBC
Music Following recent events, here's a great blog post on what kind of visa musicians should get to enter the United States. United
Showerthoughts If a broker is someone who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for commission when the deal is executed. Then is Uber a brokerage firm for transportation? We are the buyers looking for a ride and the drivers are the sellers willing to give rides. And the app facilitates the deal. Uber
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why is IKEA so controversial? Some people appreciate the furniture, some make fun of it. IKEA
worldnews Turkey referendum: Dutch expel Erdogan's minister amid protests - BBC News BBC
funny Children interrupt BBC News interview but it's a meme BBC
videos Robert Kelly’s BBC interview Parody With New Audio BBC
Showerthoughts I wonder if we are moving very fast in technology, or Apple is just releasing iPhones too often Apple
Showerthoughts I can't even find a Zombie on Google Earth! Google
funny Cleverbot's response to the same CIA questions asked to Alexa and Google Home Google
Showerthoughts Do Apple employers also have jailbreaks or something, that "roots" their device? Apple
television How does YouTube's new $35-a-month TV service compare with mixing and matching SlingTV, DirecTV Now, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and even Apple Music? Apple
television How does YouTube's new $35-a-month TV service compare with mixing and matching SlingTV, DirecTV Now, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and even Apple Music? DirecTV
worldnews Rash drivers in India are giving BMW a bad name, with 10 incidents of injuries and and deaths in past 11 months BMW
funny Without a Starbucks in sight, this herd of 'Basics' has turned to a life on the rails in search of a new home. Starbucks
funny I lost it! The best BBC News interview of all times! BBC
Music Oasis - Interview at Loch Lomond 1996 MTV / Liam, Noel, Guigsy, Alan MTV
worldnews Turkey referendum: Clashes as Dutch expel minister - BBC News BBC
worldnews SXSW 2017: Disney 'not in the business of scaring kids!' - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Customer support people working for the likes of Google and Microsoft, what have been your worst and best experiences while providing support? Google
videos Kids Interrupt BBC Interview Live BBC
aww You guys asked for more of Zara - here she is playing with her favourite toy... and, no more collar bell! Zara
aww Little miss Zara - strutting her stuff Zara
EarthPorn Ireland. But no, not Cliffs of Moher. This is Mizen Head, the most Southwest point in Ireland OC 4585x3257 Southwest
videos Amazon Alexa and Google Home compare Man Flu symptoms! Google
worldnews Turkey referendum: Clashes as Dutch expel minister - BBC News BBC
worldnews Ethiopia's rubbish landslide kills 15 in Addis Ababa - BBC News BBC
WritingPrompts WP After the latest update moving dots appear on Google Maps. You realize they're cars on the road with you. You click on one and a picture with a name pops up. Underneath the picture are links: online activity, user names/passwords, travel log, purchase history. Google
AskReddit What popular Youtube channel do you think is dying out? Youtube
gaming Does No Man's Sky deserve a second chance? Sky
news Cancer has touched the lives of most American families, according to a recent CBS News Poll. CBS
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why do Americans pronounce Nissan "nee-sahn" but Brits pronounce it "niss-en"? Nissan
pics I suspect an additional word was or will be involved in this Target display soon. Target
gaming My experience with steep during the Xbox free to play weekend Xbox
movies ‘Baby Driver’ Review: Edgar Wright’s Brilliant Car Chase Musical Casts Ansel Elgort As an Outlaw Fred Astaire — SXSW 2017 Chase
AskReddit Serious Is typing "hiddenwiki" in Google Chrome and opening the site that pops up dangerous? If yes, why is that possible to do in the first place? Google
AskReddit AskRedditors, why do you waste our time with questions that can easily be answered with a simple Google search? Google
videos Neil dEgrasse Tyson Statements & Interview 3/10/2017. Tyson
Showerthoughts Twice a year, I only trust Google to tell me what time it is. Google
mildlyinteresting My girlfriend snapped a picture with me and one of my science heroes, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on Friday. Tyson
videos Can ANYBODY decipher what the narrator says in the first 5 seconds of this Youtube review? I'm laughing my ass off trying to make sense of his garbled talk. Thanks! Youtube
pics Chizza from KFC in Paris KFC
LifeProTips LPT: if you can't afford/manage to get your Girl Scout cookies this season, Walmart sells a perfect copycat under their own brand. Walmart
mildlyinteresting My mom works for Colgate and got me a year of shower supplies so cheap. Colgate
history How did Europe and the rest of the world react to the United States civil war? United
OldSchoolCool Harrison Ford driving on set of the Empire Strikes back, 1980 Ford
Music Kenny Rogers - You can't make old friends country Rogers
funny When he realizes the BMW can't do everything. BMW
pics A photoshop project popped up in my Facebook memories.. Facebook
AskReddit What are ways of checking the credibility of a source from what someone posts, Facebook news feed, Donald Trump, etc.? serious Facebook
personalfinance My brother wants access to my Paypal because of convoluted reasons. If I take off my bank and bank card but leave address, phone number, and SS#, can anything come back to bite me? Paypal
todayilearned TIL that Bell X-1 piloted by Chuck Yeager, was the first manned airplane to exceed the speed of sound in level flight. Bell
pics The Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar - do NOT step on this thing Caterpillar
aww My first dog and greatest companion! We took Winston home at 4 weeks as the little ball of fluff and rolls he was. He just celebrated his 10th birthday and is still as cuddly and clumsy as the day he came into our life! sorry for the poor quality pics! Winston
aww My Uber driver had his family's photos taped on his steering. Now they literally drive him. Uber
news America's First Solar Roadway Is A Total Disaster Total
todayilearned TIL that the incarceration rate of the United States of America has the highest in the world, at 716 per 100,000 of the national population United
funny I asked for Sadness in my Hot Chocolate. Starbucks really delivers. Starbucks
Futurology In self-driving race, Hyundai rides alone Hyundai
mildlyinteresting Marion Maréchal-Le Pen's two Google images complete each other perfectly Google
personalfinance Chase Freedom vs Capital One Quicksilver Capital One
AskReddit If you Google yourself, what is the most awkward thing you can find? Google
television Popular Blackjack Professional Card Counter Banned From ANOTHER Casino ' Casino
AskReddit How can we get Google Maps to stop showing our community's private road as accessible to everyone? Google
aww "We love the UPS guy!" UPS
AskReddit What Twitter accounts do you know that are absolute gold mines? Twitter
AskReddit How does a girl about 15 is able to wear a huge cleavage showing almost everything at Walmart but her parents were right there? Walmart
Documentaries Farewell Arabia 1968 The Oil Industry's Dramatic Effect on Life in Arabian Society in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are the most popular non-music videos on Youtube all about princess or superhero toys and really poorly made? Youtube
food Homemade Orange cake! Orange
todayilearned TIL: The McDonald's in Roswell, New Mexico is built in the shape of a UFO McDonald's
news Immigration tensions seep into South by Southwest music fest Southwest
personalfinance Student Cards Discover IT or Citi ThankYou Citi
personalfinance Student Cards Discover IT or Citi ThankYou Discover
AskReddit What Youtube channels do you suggest I watch? Youtube
TwoXChromosomes How do you deal with Facebook messages from strangers? Facebook
Jokes What would Mike Tyson say to someone using methamphetamines? Tyson
news Turkey referendum: Clashes as Dutch expel minister - BBC News BBC
pics Let's all take a moment to appreciate the 45th president of the United States of America United
worldnews No evidence yet of crime in Ben Keita's death, FBI says - CBS News CBS
Showerthoughts If the Google Maps lady was real, she'd probably be super sexually frustrated because I rarely ever let her finish Google
gaming I think Nintendo and Microsoft really should come to some sort of agreement here Microsoft
AskReddit People who have been banned on Twitter by a Celebrity what did you do ? Twitter
Music Immigration tensions seep into South by Southwest music fest Southwest
Showerthoughts Taco Bell crunchy tacos are like a side of fries at burger joint Bell
pics Cadillac Mountain, ME & Cape Alava, WA - claimed to be the first and last places, respectfully, to see the sunrise/sunset in the Continental USA. Continental
Music Fanfarlo - Life in the Sky Indie Rock/Indie Folk Sky
funny My little cousin was using Xbox live to search for some important answers Xbox
AskReddit Other than the President of the United States, who should we bring the aliens to if they ask for Earth's leader? United
todayilearned TIL Joseph Hazelwood, Captain of the Exxon Valdez which, in 1989, discharged around 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound never had his masters' license revoked and it remains valid to this date. He is referred to as "Saint Joe" in the movie Waterworld. Exxon
todayilearned TIL that Ford created advertisements for the Ford Fusion using DBZ character's and an unlisted Youtube video. Ford
todayilearned TIL that Ford created advertisements for the Ford Fusion using DBZ character's and an unlisted Youtube video. Youtube
movies Ill Stan Lee pulls out of Big Apple Comic Con Apple
mildlyinteresting The Publix I shop at censors all publications with Trumps image on it at the checkout line. Publix
Music Voss FM playing music in Southwest UK having a taster sesh. Check it out. Chill vibes. Southwest
todayilearned TIL in 1998 Sony released a videocam that could see through clothes while in an infrared recording mode; 600,000 units were recalled. Sony
mildlyinteresting Apparently Porsche made tractors at some point Porsche
mildlyinteresting This Subway coffee cup lid closes the mouth-hole by twisting the top. Subway
Music Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day Post-Rock Sky
Showerthoughts I wish I could ask Google where I put something in my house that I can't find. Google
videos Very Casual Saxophone Battle On NYC Subway Train Subway
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does one make money off of a website that doesn't sell anything, such as Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
AskReddit What are your views on Google changing its logo font from Times New Roman to the abomination we see today? Google
todayilearned TIL That the United States is very Corrupt The Human Experiment Documentary United
AskReddit You are strapped in Costco and have to defend against a murderer for one week. You have 48 hours prep, what do you do? Costco
explainlikeimfive ELI5 Facebook Ads? Facebook
funny I'm pretty sure Yahoo got trolled by a graphic designer... #TrustYourDickButt Yahoo
todayilearned TIL 21.7% of United States Prison Inmates Are Not U.S. Citizens United
mildlyinteresting Taco Bell hot sauce packet doesn't have the usual funny phrase printed on the front. Bell
mildlyinteresting Found this in my nearest Walmart and I thought you guys might like to see this gem Walmart
AskReddit What do you think of the way that man handled the situation when his 2 children walked into the room during the BBC interview? BBC
food Homemade Berry Rose Apple Pie Apple
mildlyinteresting A man in front of me at Costco bought 88 gallons of milk. Costco
AskReddit You have been invited to address a Joint Meeting of the United States Congress at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. All 100 US Senators and 435 US Representatives will be in attendance. What is your speech? United
listentothis Mars Red Sky -- The Mindreader doom / prog 2016 Sky
worldnews A Russian government spokesman expressed impatience Sunday that bilateral relations with the United States have not improved more quickly since US President Donald Trump took office. United
aww My dog Pepsi is 16 today! I think she has earned a nice nap! Pepsi
Showerthoughts What if Google is actually evil company, but nobody would know because they filter Google search? Google
mildlyinteresting This truck I saw at Walmart today. Walmart
OldSchoolCool Me and my 1966 Model 88 Land Rover in 1987 - It had M1 Garand rifle racks front & back, made to be dropped from 10K feet, all hydraulic, aluminum body, etc. Land Rover
videos That BBC interview that gets ME! BBC
videos My friend created the amazing music box animation that went viral a year ago. McDonald's stole it to use as a commercial in Korea. Original and comparison in comments. McDonald's
funny VAGINAS Sony receiver Sony
Art My take on Lichtenstein's Girl in Window. Done on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil :- Apple
todayilearned TIL that most photocopiers and scanners can detect and refuse to scan currency, as well as Adobe Photoshop Adobe
food homemade KFC copy cat coleslaw KFC
gaming No Man's Sky cool base I've been working on Sky
mildlyinteresting This Ghost In The Shell -like sewage logo Shell
space Ultra Deep Field Sky Walker Sky
AskReddit If fictional supervillains from the Marvel / DC universe came to life, how would they REALLY be handled by the United States government? United
mildlyinteresting The 'globe' Facebook notifications icon rotated after I traveled from the US to Japan. Facebook
videos The secret to making KFC Popcorn Chicken KFC
AskReddit You, Simon Cowell, Finn Balor, and Michael Fassbender are all chilling at a Casino in St. Louis. What do you do next? Casino
WritingPrompts WP You are an agent for a private militia, your aim is to eradicate all nuclear weaponry on earth, But when you reach command HQ- you find that the nuclear weapons have nothing to do with human wars, but are a global, United defence system for a much larger threat... United
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